Recovery from lockdown: Conveyancing update

Guernsey has now moved into Recovery Stage 1, a few weeks after the implementation of its second island-wide lockdown.

Together with the (hotly anticipated) resumption of takeaways, this next stage brings with it important changes for property transactions.

So, what does this mean for conveyancing?

Under previous restrictions, the Contracts Court would only allow completion of 'essential' and contractually-bound matters.

The greatest change as we move into the next stage is the removal of this restriction, with all conveyancing matters now being permitted to complete in Court. In addition access to the Greffe strongroom to carry out searches is now possible although greatly restricted and a booking system is in place to limit numbers.

What remains from full lockdown is the prohibition of personal attendance in Court for parties. Powers of Attorney must be arranged to allow your advocate or conveyancer to attend Court on your behalf.

Considering the wider process of moving home, the work of surveyors and removals firms may recommence, but as you might expect, there are strict conditions for this work. The particular circumstances of the property, and whether it is occupied, will impact what may be done. We would suggest that you discuss your circumstances with your surveyor and/or removals firm direct.

Should you wish to discuss the impact of this change on your own circumstances, please do not hesitate to contact a member of Collas Crill's Property team.

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