Supporting Pride and promoting greater inclusivity and acceptance

As we head into June and Pride Month Group Managing Partner Jason Romer reflects on what this means for a business like Collas Crill.

'As a firm, supporting members of the LBGTQ+ community is one aspect of our commitment to Diversity and Inclusion as a whole.

At the core of our values is our 'one firm' approach which appreciates the diversity, and is inclusive of, our colleagues, clients and people living within our local communities.

As our D&I policy states, we want to create a fair, transparent and meritocratic working environment that is free from discrimination, harassment or bullying in which everyone is treated fairly and with respect.

When you look at it, diversity and inclusion are two sides of the same coin. While diversity is about the demographic make-up of a group, eg gender, race/ethnicity, age etc, inclusion is about developing a culture where that diversity can thrive – ensuring that different contributions, presence and perspectives are valued and integrated into the firm.

Against this backdrop, for Q2 2023 our D&I Team has joined forces with Health & Wellbeing to highlight the LBGTQ+ aspect of diversity in the workplace. With June being Pride month the teams have selected Friday 9 June to be the Q2 Diversity Day and a range of activities and educational resources will be taking place and made available to staff. This includes a group-wide virtual lunch and learn with Ellie Jones of Liberate Guernsey.

Although we are choosing this day to officially "mark" Pride and support the LBGTQ+ community, this is part of an ongoing commitment by the firm to promote greater inclusivity and acceptance across the whole spectrum of diversity.

We continually strive to make Collas Crill a firm where brilliant people are proud to work. Key to this is creating a culture where everyone feels that they belong, feels valued and can work to their full potential, regardless of their background, identity and circumstances.

This is everyone's right and makes us a better business.'