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Guide 19/10/2015
Guardianship vs Power of Attorney

It can be a stressful time when a loved one or family member becomes unable to manage their own affairs. However, it...

Guide 19/10/2015
Wills in Guernsey

People often put off making a Will or are slow to amend their Will as circumstances change. The risk they run is that...

Guide 19/10/2015
Powers of Attorney: Jersey vs UK

Powers of Attorney guardianship - This briefing explains what a Power of Attorney (POA) actually does and looks at the...

Insight 16/10/2015
Whistleblowing Update

The UK's new whistleblowing rules will bolster a tougher financial regulator with a keen eye on individual...

Insight 08/09/2015
UK Property Update

Increased economic stability saw the UK commercial property market trade a record £30.7 billion in the first half of...

Insight 19/08/2015
Offshore London Listings Update

Offshore London Listings Update (H1 2015)

Guide 19/10/2015
Probate in Guernsey

“Probate” is a term commonly used as a generalisation for what ought more properly to be called a “Grant of...

Guide 19/10/2015
10 Reasons to Make a Will

10 Reasons to make a will in Guernsey

Guide 19/10/2015
Asset Tracing and Recovery in the Channel Islands

This briefing looks at why it is critical to ensure that there is value in pursuing or continuing to pursue...

Guide 16/10/2015
Privilege - The Obligation to Disclose

This article outlines the obligation to disclose documents during the litigation process and explains why it is an...

Guide 08/09/2015
Guildelines For Making A Will: Individuals Domiciled Outside Of...

Probate work, whether in the preparation of wills or the administration of estates, demands a high level of...

Insight 07/08/2015
Guernsey EU Investment Fund

Guernsey has received yet another positive endorsement on its tax cooperation status within Europe.

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