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Momentous Decisions - In the matter of the LKM Discretionary...

In the recent case of In the matter of the LKM Discretionary Trust the Guernsey Royal Court was being asked by the...

A guide to Protected Cell Companies in Guernsey

There are two types of cell companies: The Protected Cell Company(PCC); and The Incorporated Cell Company (ICC)...

In the matter of the S Trust and the T Trust: Mistake

The Settors of the S Trust and the T Trust successfully used the statutory get out of jail free card in the Jersey...

Regulatory Audit Service

The Guernsey Financial Services Commission regulates and supervises the financial services sector in the Bailiwick of...

Guernsey Image Rights – Frequently Asked Questions

Guernsey image rights are property rights acquired by the registration of a "personality" in Guernsey's Register of...

How Image Rights can be Protected by Using a Guernsey-Based...

Well-known figures, from Bollywood stars to national sporting heroes, have value attached to their image because they...

BVI Corporate Guarantees

Many corporate groups utilise BVI companies in their corporate structure.

The Common Reporting Standard

Although the CRS information exchange deadline of September 2017 is still some way off, the implications of CRS are...

Service Brochure
Guernsey Estate Agents

A comprehensive list of all Guernsey estate agents to help you buy or sell your home.

Guernsey Image Rights – A Practical Guide

Guernsey's Image Rights legislation provides the ability for registration within 5 distinct categories of...

Valuing your IP

The valuation of IP continues to be a very difficult and complex subject. Determining the correct value of IP is...

Partial Ownership in Guernsey

Partial Ownership is a scheme designed to allow first-time buyers the opportunity to get a foot on the property ladder.

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