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Insight 31/05/2019
What is "impact" investing?

What is "impact" investing, sometimes referred to as responsible or sustainable finance, and what do trustees, family...

Insight 29/05/2019
Case Update

A recent Royal Court decision has considered when beneficiaries of a discretionary trust are able to require the...

Insight 20/05/2019
Overlooked by the Tate Modern

Following completion of a new 360° viewing platform at the Tate Modern, the residents of the luxury NEO Bankside...

Insight 13/05/2019
Grounds for Possession of Commercia

Certain business tenancies in England and Wales are afforded a protected status under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954...

Guide 03/05/2019
BVI: Economic Substance Update

The draft Economic Substance Code (Code) has now been published by the International Tax Authority (ITA) and contains...

Guide 30/04/2019
Enforcing Foreign Judgments and Arbitral Awards in Guernsey

Guernsey is one of the Channel Islands, situated between France and England. Whilst a British Crown Dependency (like...

Guide 29/05/2019
Jersey International Savings Plans

On 1 January 2019, Jersey introduced a new type of savings product called an International Savings Plan (ISP). Below...

Insight 24/05/2019
Winding up the Z III Trust

The Royal Court of Jersey has determined that the preferred course to follow when winding up an insolvent trust is for...

Insight 15/05/2019
Estate Agent's Commissions

Agents are often fundamental to a successful property transaction, especially when locating a buyer.

Insight 08/05/2019
The Right to Quiet Enjoyment

The recent High Court decision, in the case of Fouladi v Darout Limited , outlines the current legal position on...

Insight 01/05/2019
Changes for Landlords

The proposed Tenant Fees Bill 2017-2019 has recently passed its final hurdle and received royal assent - becoming the...

Guide 23/04/2019
Saisie - Enforcement in Guernsey

Saisie is the customary procedure in Guernsey whereby a creditor can enforce against the real property of his debtor...

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