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Changes to the Guernsey Maternity Leave and Adoption Leave Ordinance

Have you updated your staff handbook and procedures to reflect the new maternity and adoption provisions?

On 1 April the Maternity Leave and Adoption Leave (Guernsey) Ordinance, 2016 came into force.

The following are some of the statutory rights that will be conveyed on those whose due date is 7 August or later:

- Basic leave of 12 weeks regardless of her length of service or hours

- Enhanced leave of 26 weeks for employees who have worked continuously for the same employer for the last 15 months

- The right to return to her original job or suitable alternative

- Up to two weeks parental leave for the partner/spouse/co-habiting subject to certain conditions

- Don’t forget that adoption now needs to be included in your procedures

These are but a few of the changes that are coming into effect. If you would like additional information and assistance in updating your policies and procedures in line with the new legislation, please contact Hana Plsek.




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