TISE Debt Listings Q2

The International Stock Exchange (TISE), located in Guernsey, is widely considered to be one of the leading international securities exchanges for listing debt securities.

The listing of debt securities is the principal attraction of TISE; it has in excess of 1,500 debt securities presently admitted to trading, with a combined value of more than £250 billion.

For more information on how companies can benefit from listing debt securities on TISE, click here for our factsheet.

Q2 highlights for TISE:
  • Netflix, Inc. listing its $1.2 billion 3.875% senior notes.
  • CBRE UK Finance Ltd listing its $800 million variable rate notes; and
  • EG Global Finance Plc listing each of its $750 million 6.750%, €670 million 4.375% and €300 million 3.625% senior secured notes



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