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Insight 03/08/2015
Suspicious minds

The reporting and prosecution threshold for money laundering offences in the Jersey financial services sector

Guide 07/07/2015
Tutelles: Looking After a Child's Best Interests

A Tutelle is formed when a minor inherits property or assets under a will or, in some instances, by way of...

Guide 29/05/2015
Directors’ Liability Negligence & Gross Negligence

This practical briefing note has been authored specifically with a view to drawing directors’ focus towards the...

Guide 23/07/2014
Personal Liability Clarified – Investec v Glenalla in the Court...

In a decision that will bring a sigh of relief to trustees in both Guernsey and Jersey, the Guernsey Court of Appeal...

Guide 28/06/2014
Under the Wire

PREST V PETRODEL RESOURCES LIMITED: 2013 UKSC 34 The famous case of Salomon v A Salomon & Co established the core...

Guide 23/02/2012
Garnet – A New Investigatory Role for the Banks?

The decision of the Court of Appeal in the matter of The Chief Officer, Customs & Excise, Immigration and Nationality...

Guide 08/07/2015
Leaving a Legacy to Charity

Fundraising is always a challenge for charities but as many of us are tightening our purse strings, good causes are...

Guide 02/06/2015
Digital Legacies

When we think of legacies in a will we think of cash bequests or the family heirloom however, in this digital era...

Guide 13/02/2015
Cayman Islands Court of Appeal Untangles Directors in the Case...

On 12 February 2015 the Cayman Islands Court of Appeal (‘the Court of Appeal’) overturned the Grand Court’s decision...

Guide 16/07/2014
PSC Register - A Triumph for Transparency or Snooper's Charter?

In March of last year, the UK Parliament enacted the Small Business, Employment Act 2015 which contains amendments to...

Guide 19/07/2013
Where There's a Will There's a Way (Wills for Non-Residents)

This briefing looks at the importance of making a Guernsey Will for Non-Residents holding assets in Guernsey.

Guide 27/11/2010
Comparative Survey on Image Rights: Guernsey

The concept of an 'image right' is relatively new when compared to 'traditional' intellectual property ("IP")...

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