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Corporate Advisory

Successfully navigating the modern global business environment in order to take advantage of opportunities as they arise, while avoiding legal and regulatory pitfalls, is a challenge for any entrepreneur, business or corporation.

As commercially minded lawyers committed to providing a high quality and cost-effective service we understand those challenges and, more importantly, seek to turn them into opportunities. We are known for not sitting on the fence and for providing plain-spoken, direct advice. We take a broad view of our clients' interests. As well as tackling the legal risks, we work hard to help clients identify and manage key commercial and regulatory issues to get the deal done - on time, every time.

With a depth of multi-jurisdictional experience and offices in BVI, Cayman, Guernsey, Jersey and London, we ensure that advice is provided in the context of other key global offshore centres and with a knowledge of the bigger, global picture.

Our clients appreciate our pro-active attitude to providing sensible user-friendly advice, our accuracy and honesty in our approach to pricing matters, and our senior level involvement in all matters to ensure smooth progress and client satisfaction. In an increasingly complex, competitive and more tightly regulated market, we'll make sure your business or commercial venture reaches its full potential.

  • Experienced lawyers who provide clear advice, which takes a client's point of view into account.
    Chambers and Partners 2020
  • I’m very pleased with the firm, and find them to be intelligent, professional, knowledgeable, helpful and cost-effective.
    Chambers and Partners
  • Practical advice displaying understanding of a company management’s concerns and issues. Understanding of the London Stock Exchange listing requirements.
    Legal 500 2022
  • For me what makes this team so special is their ability to break down complex matters into understandable and clear guidance, whilst remaining calm and completely focused to the end result. All this whilst being transparent and fair on fees.
    Legal 500 2022
  • The most important thing is they understand our business and we trust them as an adviser not just as a law firm.
    Chambers and Partners
  • Hands-on, direct, pragmatic, easily accessible, clear communication, knowledgeable.
    Legal 500 (UK) 2023
  • ‘Accessible, knowledgeable, practical, realistic and timely.
    Legal 500 2022
  • The lawyers at Collas Crill work together as a team and this is what we really appreciate of their services. They advise according to their strengths so if one is not versed in an area of expertise this is immediately referred to another colleague.
    Legal 500 2022
  • Highly responsive and skilled advisers, especially as part of a complex and innovatively structured transaction.
    Legal 500 2022
  • Collas Crill have shown themselves to be market-leaders in the new and complex medicinal cannabis sector.
    Legal 500 2022
  • Very commercial and responsive and strength in depth. Excellent service and good value compared with the larger firms. Good experience of working with them in Jersey, Guernsey, BVI and Caymans.
    Legal 500 (UK) 2023
  • Highly responsive and decisive advisers. Creative problem solving as part of an innovative deal structure.
    Legal 500 2022
  • Accessible, knowledgeable, quick, pragmatic, experience.
    Legal 500 2022
  • We have found the team to be very strong. Simon Heggs, Wayne Atkinson, Gareth Morgan and Paul Wilkes are all available and help lead transactions rather than “cheer from the sidelines” which is something other offshore law firms can sometimes do.
    Legal 500 2022
  • ‘Their team are knowledgeable to, and aware of, ongoing matters that they are conducting and all work is carried out to a very high standard. Billing and delivery matters are always as expected.
    Legal 500 2022
Corporate Advisory services
Business Relocation including Migrations and Continuations

An increasing number of business leaders are looking to relocate their business and and indeed lives offshore. Our pan-departmental relocation's team has the knowledge and experience to assist in all aspects of such a move and welcome you to our islands. We are well placed to advise on, and project manage such a relocation and can advise on: company migrations and continuations, regulatory approvals, housing licences and real estate matters through to introductions to other service providers and complementary local businesses.

Commercial Structuring & Contracts

Offshore vehicles are used for a huge range of purposes either standing alone or as part of large multi-jurisdictional structures. Our highly commercial team specialises in advising clients on the most effective uses of such vehicles and their on-going operation, including normal and cellular companies as well as foundations, unit trusts, limited partnerships and limited liability partnerships. Our experienced team also provides commercial contracts for clients whether bespoke documents to effect specific transactions or suites of precedent documents for company service providers or offshore groups.

Competition Law

It is important for businesses to understand what constitutes a dominant market position in order to avoid unnecessarily or unknowingly becoming involved in anti-competitive practices, especially during mergers and acquisitions. Penalties can be significant and, potentially, directors may be disqualified or worse. In addition to regularly gaining merger approvals, our commercial team also advise a number of major businesses on the practical effect of the competition regimes on their businesses.

Corporate Governance & Shareholder Relations

Good corporate governance and a sound understanding of directors duties is important to companies. Regardless of size, establishing a best practice approach should be fundamental to all boards. The board of directors are responsible for ensuring the company achieves its objectives and the corporate governance framework they adhere to should underpin their accountability to the company and its members. We advise company boards in relation to both the non-contentious and contentious aspects of shareholder relations with a focus on corporate governance to prevent contentious issues arising. We have also advised both boards and activist shareholders in relation to highly contentious general meetings and associated issues arising out of investor actions.

Data Protection and Information Rights

Data is the most valuable asset for many of our clients and data protection is a growing facet of offshore business. We have advised a number of institutional clients on their commercial obligations in terms of data security and data protection and regularly provide advice on contract terms in this difficult area. We also have significant experience in using the full range of legal remedies available to obtain access to data and information held, and so are ideally placed to advise clients on either side of the data protection equation.

E-gaming and E-commerce

E-gaming and E-commerce have become increasingly important sectors to the economy, having grown exponentially in recent years. Collas Crill has a particular specialism in E-gaming. The opportunities are huge, but the legislative and regulatory issues facing the industry require close attention. Our specialists can advise and assist companies and other organisations on the issues in setting up and managing online businesses as well as managing the risks to succeed in a global market.

Insurance and Banking Business Transfers

In the insurance and banking sectors, a business restructure can prove difficult without the backing of statutory procedures and court approvals that facilitate the transition of policy holders or account holders from one enterprise to another. Understandably, this process requires careful consideration by the Courts to ensure those parties are treated fairly and appropriately. Our team has significant experience in this space, acting for insurers and banks looking to divest, acquire or restructure their arrangements.

Solvent and Insolvent Restructuring

Restructuring takes many forms, and Collas Crill's Corporate, Finance and Funds team has broad experience in reshaping businesses to the changing needs and demands of the market. For financially distressed companies in need of restructuring and reorganisation, or for those where the opportunity to do so has passed or failed, we work with our insolvency and restructuring team to achieve the most beneficial outcome. At any stage, our involvement will assist in identifying on-going risks and opportunities, as well as managing deteriorating relationships with creditors, financiers, investors or other interested parties. The team brings a wealth of experience from a range of backgrounds to give quick, accurate, commercial advice.

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